My Story

Attorney Keith Allen

My story is typical of many folks in our region . . . my ancestors came to his area out of the Ozarks and the hills of Tennessee to find work in the Missouri Bootheel’s prosperous farm fields. They picked cotton and share-cropped until they had enough resources to move to “the city”. Raised in St. Louis by former sharecroppers, both of my parents desired to raise me with the same southeast Missouri values and upbringing they’d learned and enjoyed from their parents.

So, in 1974 my parents and I moved from St. Louis to Sikeston where my dad served as a clerk in the Sikeston Post Office for 13 years. I treasure my upbringing in Sikeston. Some of my dearest friends today were old classmates at Southwest Elementary in Sikeston. I count it a blessing to currently have colleagues in the practice of law who were teammates on the Sikeston Swim Team, in Little League Baseball, and High School Football. I have been fortunate enough to get to travel to and live in many interesting places, but when asked where I am from, I’ve always proudly claimed Sikeston, Missouri as my hometown.

During my junior year in high school my dad got the opportunity to become a Postmaster in the Ozark region of Missouri. I graduated high school in Steelville, Missouri, the Crawford County seat. I attended Southeast Missouri State University on a vocal music scholarship. I also attended the University of Missouri-Columbia before returning to and graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with a B.A. in Music.

On September 8, 2001, I married my beautiful wife in her native New Madrid, Missouri. Three days later our nation was shaken as we watched the broadcast of the attack on the World Trade Center. At that time, I was in my early days of law school at the University of Memphis.

After graduating law school in 2004, my wife and I returned to Scott County, Missouri. While studying for the bar exam I had the good fortune of working as a law clerk under the tutelage of Mr. Ken McManaman, a distinguished attorney in Cape Girardeau. My wife returned to her position as a Registered Nurse at the St. Francis Hospital in Cape. In 2009, we were blessed with a baby girl who brings much joy to us each and every day.

I thoroughly enjoy the practice of law. It is a profound honor to me not only to represent the wonderful citizens of our region in the area’s courtrooms, but to represent to our community what our courtrooms and legal system stand for. There is nothing more important to mankind than fairness and justice. It is such a privilege to assist in ensuring fairness and justice for all our neighbors.

My staff and I understand that when one is choosing a lawyer, they are enduring what is likely the most trying and difficult time of their life. We look forward to serving you in such a way that diminishes the worry and concern, and uplifts your hope and optimism from the moment we are hired until we share with you a good outcome in your situation.

We say it often to clients at the Law Office of Keith P. Allen, LLC, but it is very true, we are honored to help.